Kennewick may impose moratorium on new medical marijuana law

October 26, 2011

medical_marijuana_top_storyBy Josh Peterson. Published Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Medical Marijuana

The City of Kennewick becomes the latest city to struggle with a new state law allowing qualified medical marijuana patients to create collective marijuana growing operations.

Tonight, city leaders will discuss the law, which goes into effect July 22nd.

We’re told most cities in Washington currently don’t have rules or regulations set up to effectively enforce the law.

Last night, Pasco city leaders reviewed the possibility of imposing a moratorium on the state law until they figure out how to manage it.

Kennewick leaders are looking at doing the same thing.

If a moratorium is agreed upon, a public hearing will be held to review the decision and enforcement options.

Both cities are expected to make a decision on the moratorium next week